Why choose us?

Cattori is one of the best FREE script hubs on the market right now, and we believe we shouldn't have to pay for a high quality experience. We also release frequent updates if we can, making sure to keep Cattori maintained fresh and new. All for the low low price of free.

High Quality

Cattori is built with the utmost intention of quality, we make sure that everything works before releasing updates, new games, or bug fixes. Meaning an unexpected feature update will never stop you.


And for all of these, you may think there is a price tag on Cattori. The price tag of FREE. We believe you shouldn't have to pay for any high quality script.

Custom ESP

Cattori is equipped with an in-house ESP thats both stylish, and packed with features. Making visuals appealing on most executors.

Tons of supported games

Cattori is packed with over 30+ games, meaning whatever popular game you name, we probably have it.

Great Features

When releasing a new game, we always make sure to put in the most high quality features we can. Meaning you wont experience lackluster features while using Cattori.

Get started.